Heartbreak Hotel...More Like A Cheap Motel Room!

You can guess from the title that this is about heartbreak. And also that I'm not a very talented writer, but I'm going to attempt to write this chapter :)

Well, from my recent experience, heartbreak hurts. I know that its kind of obvious, hinted by heartbreak... but when it happens, it doesn't feel like just your heart breaking. You just feel like your nothing in a way, like no-one wants you. Depression kicks in sometimes ¬¬ even your friends who've been there all the way, only cheer you up slightly when your with them, but as soon as its just you, you break even more.

Let me just say that trying to move on by getting another guy may be a stupid mistake. I've tried and so far.. it's hurting more :/ guilt mostly, but you will sometimes get that.

The best advice I can give you about heartbreak is to try to forget them in a way, not completely, but just remember the good times and the bad times should seem insignificant. Just remember that you've always got your friends and family. Just don't get all angry and turn into Kevin the Teenager :L

Just have fun with your life. Live it to the fullest and move on as best you can <3

The End

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