Fake Friends

Everyone faces them at some point during their lives.

Friends are meant to be there for you through thick and thin. They're meant to be supportive no matter what, they're meant to listen to your problems, provide a shoulder to cry on, they're supposed to be loyal, caring and honest. However, this isn't to say you're supposed to slack in these departments with your friends! Friendship is a two way thing, you've both got to work at it.

But what happens when one tries far more than the other?

True friends won't set out to hurt you intentionally, they won't badmouth you to other people and they certainly won't treat you like rubbish. If any of your friends are doing this, my guess? They're not real. 

Why waste your time with people that don't care about you?

I've had my fair share of "fake friends" during my life and whilst it may be tough to turn your back on them completely, think of the time you could be spending with people that really matter than time with those that don't, those  that constantly put you down and make you feel like crap. I don't mean to sound patronizing but people like that bring you





Like what I did there? ;) 

'I saw a quote on the internet the other day: 'I'd rather have an enemy who says that they hate me, than to keep a "FRIEND" whose mission is to put me down secretly.'

And there's a well known saying: 'with friends like these, who needs enemies?' My RE teacher told me this once when she saw me and my friend messing around. But she was old and didn't understand the importance of playful banter with your friends. But when the banter turns into something more serious and real, when there's a total lack of respect, then you know it's time to ditch them.

Get rid of the fake friends and stick with the people that matter!

The End

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