The Girl With The Golden Hair

The Girl With The Golden Hair:

I have had a lot of very recent occurrences with the girl with the golden hair.


1. I am sitting on the corner of my bed, writing a story. I see someone move outside my door, so I look up. A girl with long, golden blond hair is leaning against the wall next to my doorway, staring out in front of her at the staircase which leads upstairs. She disappears only seconds after I see her.

(The following numbers, 2-5 all happened in the same night, some only minutes after each other)

2. I am sitting in my room, singing "Gone" from the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. As I sing, a somewhat loud tapping keeps the beat of the song. I am not sure where the sound is coming from, but it isn't far away.

3. Only a minute or so after #2, I hear someone or something whisper "hello". It sounds like a young girl. Without thinking, I reply, "Hello?" Right after I speak, I hear a young girl whispering again, "Hi Emma.." (Emma is my name, for those of you who don't know already). I am very scared at this, and, like always, I return upstairs and tell my parents. But as I am going upstairs, I feel like I have abandoned someone and that I've made them sad, maybe even a bit angry.

4. I come downstairs about 10-15 minutes after #3 to take my contacts out and grab my Kindle Fire. I am not nervous at all, oddly enough, but my legs feel like Jello and I almost fall down the stairs.

5. Hours later, I lay down in bed. I haven't even really begun to rest when I hear a young girl whisper yet AGAIN, "I know you can hear me." This scares me more than anything, because she followed me (I don't sleep downstairs because a.there is no fire escape in our basement and b.all the things that happen down there. I sleep in my little sister's bunk bed in her room on the top floor.) all the way from the basement to the second and top floor.

6. I constantly hear her whispering, although it isn't always directed towards me. Last night, I heard her talking with what I believe was The Man. I also sometimes hear her humming "Gone".

The End

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