Give me a reason to ache for more.

My friend went to work today and argued  with his boss.  They do that everyday and nothing came of it.

Shelley, the teenager, borrowed her Mom's credit card and went shopping!  Her friends wondered how much trouble she'd be in.  The fact is, she does this on a regular basis so Mom's probably not concerned.

Where's the hook?  If I can hear your story in coffee shops across the country then I've heard it before.

I read a lot of the orphan branches here looking for something new.  I'm looking for something to catch my eye, to draw me in and to make me wonder what is going to happen next!   Even the hit show Seinfeld, forever noted as a show about nothing, did so with a thrilling air of suspense.  The most extraordinary situations happenned to a series of characters who, despite their immoral tendencies, still had to react to them.

Personally, writing about what I know has its strengths but also leads itself to some fairly innocuous storylines.  We don't throw ourselves into stories where the average character lives an average life. 

So, while it's nice to read about a character about having some type of particular day, I can't be drawn in unless I know why.   

Ben knew that today was going to be of significant importance.  He had the most bizarre feeling that something would happen at precisely noon that would change his life forever.

Dot.  Dot.  Dot.

At the very least give me a clue.  Was he sure the ants in his fridge were talking to him?  Was he just coming back from the store with a ton of fertilizer?  Did he possess an antitoxin for the mass biological bombardment that he planned to unleash upon an unsuspecting crowd?  Maybe his whole engagement was planned and he wasn't sure what she would say.

Let me in.  Let me feel.  Let me worry.  Let me applaud. 

Give me some type of potential calamity to fret.

I want a hook to grab onto.


The End

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