The Frenzy Begins!

ScriptFrenzy 2009 has begun!

Enter GWEN, dragging small soap box onto stage behind her.  She mounts it, looking out over an unseen crowd, and addresses them in loud voice.


Greetings Protagonizers, one and all!

Alright, among writers, usually the "big" thing for the year is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo (or, for those with not much time, NaNo), which comes in November.  But, seriously, who can wait that long to take part in speed-writing madness?

Enter giant desk calendar flipped open to the month of APRIL.

Enter the month of April.  This is the month of flurried fingers and general frenzy.  This is the month of scripting.  This month, the month of April, is the month of Script Frenzy: the NaNo of Script Writing.  One hundred pages of a script (or, as I plan to do, of several small scripts) in the span of thirty days.  Three and one-third pages a day; that's doable, right?

Now, I think most of us are used to prose and/or poetry, but perhaps many of us are a bit rusty, or perhaps brand new, to script writing.  This is the month to try it out!  Seriously, it's fun, it's different, it's exciting, it's a Frenzy!

It's also good to know that one is not alone in a situation, particularly a fairly daunting one.  So!  I propose that any Screnzy participants could use this string and their comments to discuss plot/character ideas, gather information, share script snippets, rant about (or relish in) the amount of time (or lack thereof), whatever.

Good luck to any who decide to take it on!

Gwen dismounts soap box after surveying invisible crowd, picks up the box, and exits looking quite pleased with herself.

The End

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