Corporeal Punishment

Confession XV:
I got a guy's phone number because I was sitting in a lefty desk and ended up inadvertantly leaning against the guy's arm for the entire class in my attempt to write. Neat.

10:08 am
Ate a Hot Pocket with a fork and knife and corn on the side. I totally defeated the quick/convenient/unhealthy point of the Hot Pocket.

11:40 am
Her: "Did we just budge?"
Me: "Yes. We're awful people. Eat your ice cream."

12:00 am
Saw an excerpt from one of my own pieces on Protagonize and didn't recognize it. The phrase was "My poem is from the perspective of a rock".

3:14 pm
I keep a stack of index cards by my bed for any ideas I get during the night. I then fold those cards and neatly pack them in a shoebox. I just cracked open the shoebox.


  • "Welcome Wagon Assassin"
  • "potato gun man will save everyone!"
  • "he had a bump on his nose which he told me was for holding his glasses"
  • "the idling engine of fate"
  • "There is no way of noblely sitting in a chicken"
  • "I do not want a toaster"

Obviously some of my ideas are better than others.

7:17 pm
Spent two hours in the grocery store. We danced, played with toys, and tried on Halloween costumes. I also bought some toaster strudels.

Philosophical Insight XIV:
Some people expend a tremendous amount of energy to be normal.

The End

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