Squid Ink Tagliatelle

Confession XIV:

My "Hello Kitty" glasses case makes me way happier than any piece of vinyl should.

10:23 am
I still don't understand why the rubber chicken squirts water, but the kids seem to like it. Don't question progress, I guess.

12:00 am
I think it's very telling that I look forward more to the essay than the book I have to write it on.

1:01 pm
I don't care what that little boy thinks. Big, blue Hawaiian flowers tying up pink pigtails is frickin' cute. He's just jealous.

2:12 pm
Somehow, feeding us sticky chocolate brownies and then letting us touch rare books seems like a bad idea. Uhm. Pass the authentic Medici bible, please!

5:18 pm
"You mean it comes in peanut butter?" *swoon*

11:43 pm
People should stop sending me videos of Asian popstars with pink hair. It makes me jealous that they can sing and I can't. 

Quote of the year [to date] v.1:
"I find that the key to good squidy pasta sauce is discretion--the less gloppy the better. I usually keep it dry, so it's not so squidalicious, then top it with sauteed squid rings or that ubiquitous seafood medley; at that point, it becomes like a filipino malabon....mmm. I should make that soon."

Archi's response:

The End

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