Semicolons aren't Sexy

Confession XIII:
I suck on cough drops because I like the flavor.

5:12 am
Forgot to take my Omega-3 fish oil pills. Brain boosting power my butt... Besides, they taste like strawberry codfish.

7:00 am
I'm being set up with a tongue-pierced military brat. Thankfully, he's health food store lady approved.

9:18 am
Discovered Harry Potter, "Othello", Pride and Prejudice, and The Matrix all have the same plot structure. Learned this from a man who stole the idea from a book on how to write Star Trek episodes. It's nice to know I'm not one of those crazy people with trust issues.

12:03 pm
I love the smell of ding-dongs fresh out of the wrapper...

4:18 pm

Things I learned from picking up my permanent school file when I graduated:

  • I need to "learn to share".
  • Talking in class is a hereditary trait.
  • I was framed for throwing that paper airplane. Honestly.
  • Nobody's legally allowed to comment when you dress as an Indian for Pioneer Day.
  • "Fractions are fun!"
  • My parents should "remind me when I'm rambling".

Philosophical Insight XIII: 
If they wanted people to be appealed by punctuation and grammar they would use sexier innuendos than "semicolon". 

The End

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