The Whole Truth and Nothing Butte

My real, honest-to-goodness week in review...

Went to his birthday party. Showed up early enough to witness sibling rivalry at its finest and most vehement as he and his sister battled over a light switch. Later, his grandmother called me short and I had insomnia for the rest of the night. Not necessarily saying the two are connected, but it's entirely possible.

The house next door was flattened in the time it took for me to leave and return from a day at school. The things that happen when I turn my back...

Battled thirty MPH winds on my way up the steps to school. Ate a donut. Found out my boyfriend is one DNA marker away from being Alexi Romanov. 

Was told to become an English teacher twice by two different people. Drove home in sideways-flying sleet. Happy Spring Break to me.

Thursday [April Fool's Day]
Went to the eye doctor's and was slapped with a diagnoses of 20/80 vision. Am prohibited from operating motor vehicles until my glasses come in. Celebrated by spending $42 on pizza. People shouldn't scam the differently-abled.

Wrote an essay on the "Pillow Method" of perception checking. Basically, there are four ways of looking at every argument: I'm right, You're right, We're both kind of right, It wasn't that important anyway.

Was playing with the video function on my camera and accidentally recorded myself sneezing. Was given a trenchcoat for an early Easter present. Bought several plastic bags-worth of chocolate.  Spent hours altering the high school's graduation announcements to my own personal needs [it's cheaper, monetarily speaking, though my sanity suffers unduly].

As of right now I am staring at the cat. She has managed to fit herself into a paper bag and is staring right back at me as if I were the crazy one.

Spring Break ends Tuesday. I need a vacation.

The End

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