It's not you, it's she.

Confession XII:
I keep money in my thesaurus filed under "mooch".

5:54 am
I am determined to get my money's worth out of my Prom hairdo. It is now day four and all the hairspray has either rubbed off on the pillow or soaked into my scalp. But I still look fabulous.

7:02 am
Maybe it's just the people I associate with, but it seems to me that not every meal has to devolve into an argument over Hitlercicles and Hadrian's wall. 

7:42 am
He's jealous of my I shamrock Irish Boys shirt. Sensitive about his heritage, I guess... But, I ask you, where am I supposed to get an I rubles Russian Boys shirt?

10:47 am
It's donut Tuesday. I intend to  observe the holiday with my family, close friends and a maple bar. Chocolate, if I'm feeling particularly devout.

4:18 pm
I love waiting room kitties. They should totally be mandatory.

5:49-7:45 pm
Went to Region Orchestra Festival tonight. Afterwards, I wrote the following on my calender in order to remember it forever:
- monkeys
- water
- booger

Philosophical Insight XII:
I. I, uhm. I had a good one. Listen, how about I go, uhm, I go think on it awhile and you... well, you hang around here, uh, awhile and we'll see where it gets us. 

The End

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