For Sale: dog. Eats anything. Fond of children.

Confession XI:
Sometimes I call people "stupid head" or "meany face". One is an insult, the other a term of endearment. I only use the word "stinker" in reference to the cat or my boyfriend.

1:12 am
"Why, strawberry smoothie? I trusted you!"

5:18 am
I should really start recording how many times I have a dream in which my English teacher kidnaps me. This sort of thing shouldn't be happening as often as it does.

6:54 am
"They have cocoa that smells like a cupcake! It - it makes me happy."

10:10 am
That dog is very protective of him. When I walked into the room, she put a tiny paw on his leg, pinned me with those round, black eyes and turned her head to the side like some possessed teddy bear. When he hugged me, she whimpered and rolled onto her back. I kissed his cheek and later, when she was slobbering the side of his face, she made a point to make sure I was watching.

I will not be intimidated by some chihuahua with pink bows in her hair. I have pink hair. He's mine!

1:14 pm
Assignment: "Write a character sketch inspired by the picture below." The picture below is of five men jumping off of some pillars. On the beach. One of the men is in a dress. You will be judged on this.

4:45 pm
Audio excerpt after discovering I could record video on my digital camera:

"Oh, I'm recording now. Oooooo! WEEEEEooooo. WAAAAAA!"

8:01 pm
"I'm just trying to keep your soul from flying out your nose. You're welcome!"
"Yeah, blame us for trying to keep you from turning into some souless-"
"Snotmonster, yes. [aside, to me] You're a regular wordsmith, aren't you?"

10:10 pm
"But why?  I loved you, strawberry smoothie!"

Philisophical Insight XI:
words take up no weight nor room
except for the space
they consume inside you

Hey. I'm allowed to be serious, too ;)

The End

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