Confession IX:

I have no patience for diaries. I write my life on my calender, instead.

5:14 am

The cat likes to bite my face. Is this a form of affection?

7:18 am

My clock has the words "Don't Panic" on it. Too bad I don't listen to clockwork.

1:12 pm

"Duck chow!"

3:30 pm

"Don't patronize me with cookies."

3:54 pm

Odd. As he describes the short story he read for book club, they keep looking at me and giggling. Sure, it's a story about "squid dudes" who worship Elvis... but still.

6:32 pm

as typed by the cat.

Where did she learn such profanity?

12:01 am

Eighteen and I finally succeeded in staying up until midnight. This is one of my more pathetic accomplishments.

Philosophical Insight IX:

Do the points on a graph get nervous as they approach the asymptote?

The End

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