Duck, Duck, Noose

Confession VIII:

I hate computers. They return my affections.

5:10 am

Now I remember why I removed all the heavy objects from my headboard. Wonder why I forgot.

8:42 am

Started World War 1. Finished it by fourth period English.

10:18 am

Why am I made to stand on tables at awkward moments?

12:12 pm

"It's a tiny, sequined Santa hat. Where's yours?"

2:15 pm

Officially appointed Chief Squid, effective once best friend rules the world.

So quickly everything falls into place...

4:32 pm

Successfully duct-taped violin case back together. It definitely looks classier this way.

9:20 pm

"Quo". "Quo" is in the iPod version of Scrabble's dictionary but not "zen". If "zen" were allowed, I'm sure the number of Scrabble-related deaths would go down.

"Yeti", however, is in Scrabble's dictionary. I wonder if this is significant.

Philosophical Insight VIII:

When a tree falls alone in a forest, does it make any sound?

The real question is which tree was the killer.

The End

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