All-Natural Disaster

Confession VII:

Sometimes I trip over air.

7:18 am

The signs for the community "YEARD SALE" are still up. I wonder how much trouble I'd get for tearing them down, carefully whiting-out the offensive E, and stacking the resulting pile on the mayor's porch.

9:52 am

I like tortillas.

11:11 am

I think I shall arrange the cones in a smiley face for when the police arrive. Should give them a laugh.

2:12 pm

The ditch-digger thingy looks like a beaver. But with a scorpion's stinger for a face.

4:01 pm

Wearing rubber gloves makes me feel like a superhero. One that's elbow-deep in soapy tartar sauce water, but still.

10:32 pm

I think I need a mascot. And memorablia.

I want a lettergirl's jacket! With twelve arms!

Philisophical Insight VII:

The saints are coming, I got that. But what if they get in a horrible car crash? Does God have them on blue cross or red cross health insurance?

The End

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