Basket Case-in-point

Confession VI:

I wear a hat made out of old gym shorts. I get complimented on it whenever I do.

4:18 am

The phone called 911 on us. The chicken.

11:22 am

My socks are cutting off the circulation to my arms.

3:13 pm

"You are what you be which you is but you ain't."

"Aye. That it be, that it be."

5:55 pm

What's a 'neediest bleeker' and why'd the computer just call me it?

6:42 pm

Casbah (kāz'bä', käz'-) n. A castle or palace in northern Africa.

Quack (kwak) n. A sound made by quacking.

8:03 pm

I wonder if my ribs are crooked.

Philisophical Insight VI:

If your ego is swollen, does that mean it's infected?

The End

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