Portabimus Puellam Novam

Confession V:

My gloves smell like crackers. Saltines, actually.

6:01 am

My pillow turned pink again. Whoopsies.

8:42 am

I have decided I have made a decision; but I am prepared to deny it.

11:33 am

I have been vacuuming, which forces me to sing "Sweeney Todd" and "Hello, Dolly" just that much louder. I wonder if this worries the neighbors, at all.

1:18 pm

My English teacher never gave me back my warm-up notebook. Methinks I have a fan. Or a recycling fanatic.

2:43 pm

Why must the squirrels laugh at me?

4:49 pm

To be translated:

"Seize the bad sailor!' Occupate nautum malum.

"Praise, friends, the good daughters" Laudate, amici, filias bonas.

"There is a small frog in the water" Rana parva in aqua est.

"We will all carry the strange girl" Portabimus puellam novam.

Philisophical Insight V:

An eye for an eye, sure, but what if you poke your own eye out?

The End

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