Mislead Paint

Confession IV:

I failed finger-painting in Preschool. I put corn on the brushes.

4:38 am

There is a tiny itchy spot on the edge of my right shoulder blade. right about now is the time I wish I'd kept evolving - grown that thrid arm, or something.

6:42 am

Forgot to turn my alarm off and Serenade No. 13 knocked me out of bed. Mozart, you cruel fiend.

9:02 am

"What do you mean EGH?! Pink hair rocks and everyone knows it! Many important people throughout history had pink hair! Utena! Sailor Chibi Moon! Abraham Lincoln! Where would this world be without them? And think about all the people who have naturally pink hair! They're people too, you know, and I'm sure they got hurt by your comment! Apologize to them NOW! You hear me? NOW!"

1:17 pm

I need a good laundering. I think I shall dive into the clothes hamper. Hide out with the socks.

2:42 pm

The cat's trying to eat my pants, again.

Philisophical Insight IV:

There are thousands upon thousands of people dying of hunger every day. But are any of them thirsty?

The End

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