I Hate This Prat [Typo Bleus]

Confession III:

I can't pronounce "asked" without sounding obscene.

5:01 am

I had a dream. Then there was a hair in my eye. Now I can't remember what happened to either of them.

6:40 am

And here I was, thinking I was too old to suck on my toes. I was wrong.

12:34 pm

I have decided to abandom my spell checker. I am currently stiping as fast as I can and trying to aignore the mistakes I make witch I know I'm making but I can't go back and fic because it would difeeat the prupose of this exciersice. too bad my finger gkeeps jumping up to the backswpace keey whenever I try to just write as I wroeite. It's like a nervous tick or sometihng. Perhoisps I should ignore it. You know, sometines I think my figners ar e kinda soloppy on the keyboard, but I could be wonrg.

Spelll chekc is for lossers.

1:03 pm

Spent a great while arguing over my English ACT score. It seems I am no good at answering the questions in the "rhetoric" section.

The basis of my arguement, of course, being that "rhetoric" section questions aren't supposed to have answers.

2:37 pm

It has been brought to my attention that my face gets all squinchy when I attempt telepathic communication. I shall keep this in mind.

Philisophical Insight III:

Practice makes pancakes.

The End

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