Chapter II: Svithark

Race: Svithark

Danger rating: ******

Kingdom: Animalia

Class: Aves

Rarity: Rare

Life-span: A svithark will always imprint itself upon a humanoid; therefore their lifespan will be the lifespan of the humanoid it imprints upon.

Body length; 6.5- 7 ft 
Wing span; 9.5- 12 ft
Weight; 30- 40 lb

Diet: Carnivores; they have also been many cases of them eating humans, dwarves and elves.

Females; Will have deep crimson plumage accented with dark brown, they are more brightly coloured than males and normally have deep brown almost black eyes. They are the strongest out of the two genders as they normally have to defend their young from a variety of ferocious animals. They have gold around their eyes and a light pink belly.
Males; Have dark brown plumage and longer beaks, this is because they camouflage better as they are the hunters in a relationship. They have larger talons too and  deep black around their eyes and a darker brown belly.

Appearance: (See markings) The young of a svithark will actually be dark brown and will not get their full marking till they are at least a month old. This makes them very hard to tell their gender at such a young age.  

History; The svithark are very noble and ancient creatures. They are depicted in many tales for their bravery and devotion to those they imprint upon. However in these tales most svithark are depicted with bright red plumage, this being in fact the female svithark. There once was a tale of a black svithark, who lost her imprinted, but was immortal and could not die due to being imprinted upon a demon. But this is just a tale and no records can actually prove this myth.  
Young; Svithark normally have 3-4 svithees and will stay with them until their svithees imprint, usually, however cases have been found that if the adult svithark imprints upon a humanoid, they will abandon their young. However svithark young (svithees) actually can defend themselves rather well and a case has been recorded when a group of svithees took on a wolvenmute, only losing one chick in the battle.
Mating; Svithark will usually stay with their partner for life until they imprint. There have been cases where a svithark couple have actually imprinted upon the same person and therefore stayed together for life. If a svithark is not imprinted and loses his/her mate then they will become extremely upset and in some cases they may kill themselves and/or their svithees. A svithark couple will create their nest on the ground; in clearings or in caves.

Combat: A svithark will defend themselves at any cost. They will not flee and they have very sharp talons and beaks. Female svitharks have actually evolved to use magic. They can manipulate fire and have been known to have a 'fire form' where they will become engulfed in fire. This makes them easy to be confused with phoenixes, although phoenixes have different markings and are a lot smaller than a svithark.  

Fact: The svithark are very endangered because when they imprint they hardly ever leave their imprinted's side. Therefore mating is limited, making these birds endangered.

The End

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