The Flood

Verse 1:

It's like you're a blind man

Crossing the street in the dark

I can't reach your hand

I guess I'm sorry I didn't try

Hard enough to see the world through your eyes

But it's too late now

I won't let you be there just to be there

It's not hard to see now

That life is just unfair


You can stay in your castle for a time

But soon even it will die

And then you won't know why

You couldn't stay alive

Is it really that hard

For you to comprehend

That in the end you will not

Be able to defend yourself

'Cause you'll see that the cards are right

But you won't even put up a fight

Verse 2:

I still ask that you will

Open your eyes, you can still live

And breathe all the way to fill

The void of reality as I fear

That what you believe

Is not what you hear

I thought you would find me

But it was I, trying to fall in love

I admit I was ignorant at least

My feelings came and went like the dove


Verse 3: 

I wish I could say I changed you

But I didn't try to make you see

That the world in front of me is true

You are still as young as me

And I could be wrong about some things

So I don't want false pretenses

In case it was an inaccurate consensus

But fact is known we aren't meant to be

Even if I didn't make you see



I know you're as young as I

But that's not an excuse to think you can fly

Careful, your castle's becoming weak

Oh no, I think it's sprung a leak

The mot is coming in

This is no fairytale my friend

So get out before you drown

All the walls are coming down

So get out before you drown

Get out before you drown

Chorus x2

And you didn't even put up a fight...

The End

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