The first, third and fifth sentences are true

"Ah bloody hell - my machine is busted," I mutter as the copies stop appearing in the tray.

My Temptress appears at my side and gives the black smoke belching forth from the back of the contraption an appraising gaze.

"I think I can fix this for you, stand back," she says.

I step back and watch in silence as her hands move gracefully over the controls, tiny sparks of electricity shooting out at random intervals, until the smoke halts its murky escape and the machine whirrs back into action.

"That's very impressive work - where did you learn to do that?" I ask as I return to my station.

"I smart in your general direction," she replies with a dazzling smile. Before I can think of a reply that won't make me look like a bumbling fool, a commotion in the hallway causes us to turn in curiosity.

The cow strides past our doorway, staring straight ahead, holding in her right hand the leather handle of an iron leash. Our eyes follow the taut chain until the prisoner appears. His eyes are fixed on his shoes as he stumbles past, I don't think he even noticed us.

In his wake comes the cow's assistant, wielding a leather whip. When she is framed perfectly in the door way she brings the whip howling down upon her victim and we hear his chanted reply.

"I will never be late again."

Wshhhhhhh crack.

"I will never be late again."

Wshhhhhhh crack.

"I will never -"

"Do you think she'll tell HQ about his tardiness?" my Temptress asks quietly.

"Without a doubt."

"Oh no... he'll lose his job... or worse! We have to do something!"

"Yes," I reply as I reach for my blade. "We must save him."

The End

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