the Second through Fifth Paragraphs are True

I look to my left to find my Temptress returning my gaze. She graces me with a nod and a smile and we turn to face our oppressor. We are in this together.

"The um... letters and envelopes spontaneously combusted," I tell her matter-of-factly.

"They WHAT?!" she screams with billowing cheeks and flaring nostrils. "Do you know how long it took to photocopy all those letters?! You two come with me immediately, the rest of you clean up this mess."

"Can I get anyone tea or coffee?" my new partner asks our fellow slaves as she glides towards the doorway.

"Tea!" they each reply, one after the other after the other.

"We are the Temps who say Tea," I say under my breath as I follow them out the door. It dawns on me that I am still bleeding so I pause for a moment to focus my energy and send healing waves over my sliced skin. The cuts close with a soft hiss and I continue on.

"There are two copyatrons in here," the cow says, pointing into a room illuminated by a flickering overhead light. "I will print off two more copies of the letter and you two will restore the supply that so... mysteriously burned up."

As we enter the room my Temptress mutters something that is partially drowned out by the clanging, croaking and creaking of the machines. I cannot be certain but it sounded suspiciously like, "I'm so going to b*tch about this on my blog tonight."

The End

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