The Final Show

The idea is that life is all an act, a show we all put on to an audience that comes and goes and in the end was never really there. We try our hardest to reach those we love and care for even when they are gone. And when all the lights go out we can smile and grin that we were once all stars on a stage.
We've all had fans, followers, fellow actors, and we have all been fan and followers of others. We all act, dress up, laugh and cry.

As he stood on that stage, empty chairs all around, his last performance infront of his chosen audience, and as the lights dimmed, his smile, his grin,  looking forward with out stretched arms, he reached for the ghost of his departed love. This cold shiver that ran down his spin, the sweat upon his brow, as he released he was alone, in the theater he once called home. Blood racing through his ice coated veins, rain a tear, ran down his cheer to the fall. The sound of applause, from hollow hands in empty seats, rang out loud.

The End

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