The female milestone in biological history

(This is dedicated to my wife, Sara, who admires Mrs. Clinton whenever she's on TV. Sara hoped Mrs. Clinton would become the president of the United States. But it didn't happen the way she hoped, so now Sara and I respect Mr. Trump's presidency and from our place in London we send our best regards to all Americans.)

To the people I admire,

Now eons since divinity, this year will pass with essential pride for the female kind in human history. This year will witness the rise of a lady who will become the most powerful woman in human history. She will be commander in chief of the armed forces for the strongest military force in the history of man. She will be president of the United States. Yes, you know her and have seen her many times on TV. But let us wonder whether our great grandmother, Eve, knew her too as the first woman to achieve such unprecedented power at a point in the future – the time we are living this year. Scientifically, it could be deemed an evolutionary stage for mankind to transcend through this milestone of sheer female rule, honour and power. The American people will make this milestone a political page of female transcendence in human history. As a firm believer in my own lines of writing, I am a writer currently living in UK where no election polls exist to elect the president of the United States, and sadly I am unable to participate in the actual practice of this discourse, but still I remain proud to be living in this knowledgeable era when mankind has reached enough wisdom to allow a woman gain such universal power on the global stage of existence – a phenomenon previously unknown to the forces of Nature. It is a breakthrough in the biological history of all female organisms since the appearance of life on our planet. I am therefore proud to be a contemporary man, living to step into the era of Hillary if the Americans decide accordingly. This sense of realization can go on to be shared by anyone who understands the concept of human transcendence within a universal context, though streaming from an exotic approach, regardless of nationality. Anybody living outside the United States can candidly cheer the Americans on about representing the rest of mankind in exhibiting such evolutionary growth, and thereby exemplify yet another instance whereupon the Americans can be deemed further exceptional. As we may realize quite fairly, history is nothing but the future of our past ages. Whether for the Americans or the exotic other, the realistic essence in history moves abreast a cornucopia of anticipations, and it has been moving on as such for years as ever before.

Best regards,

Mohsen H. Darabi

The End

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