I want to know why a girl's virginity is considered more sacred than that of a boy. I want to know why a boy only becomes a man when he's given himself away. I know that sex is a symbol of manliness in today's culture, but why? Have we become so far wasted away that the only way for a boy to prove himself is when he finally "gets some"?

All over the Internet, you see people talking about how a "bad boy wants a good girl to be bad just for him, and a good girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her." And I want to know what would happen if we saw a boy's virginity for what it is: every bit as special, every bit as sacred as that of a girl.

Here is a fault in many of our stories. We expect the girl to be the one to compromise her values for the boy's sake. We seem to think as though every boy is born not-a-virgin, and we treat their purity like the rocks I kick away when I'm walking out in this weather.

This is not a plea of desperation that women are treated the same as men, in this case, because I think strangely beautiful things would happen if we started telling the boys what we tell the girls:

your virginity is every bit as valuable as mine, and the giving of it is every bit as sacred.

The End

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