The Fame: A Lady Gaga MusicalMature

Notes on the narrative.

Set in the summer that the terrible trio finish college. Steph is an aspiring singer, happy with her steady boyfriend.

Nate -
Steph's boyfriend/ex
Alec -
Nice guy
Judas - Badass
Nicola - Bitchy bestie
Julian - Gay bestie
Steph's mum - passed away
Carole -
Judas' agent
Tommy - Terrible trio's sceondary school friend, photographer 
Karl -
Terrible trio's sceondary school friend


Introductory music

Opens the show, fading slightly so the voiceover can be heard clearly.

Brown Eyes
Nate leaves Steph, Steph sings, cries, rings Nicola and Julian.

The Fame
Flashback - Steph telling Nic and Jule about the breakup, Nate and Steph duet.

Just Dance
Club scene - meets Alec, then Judas, gets with Alec initially, not realising that Judas is a model about to hit his peak of fame.

The terrible trio go to Sheffield on a night out. Steph runs into Karl and Tommy, two boys from her secondary school and gets talking. Tommy is a photographer's apprentice and tells Steph about Judas being about to break into the big time. Steph begins to reconsider her options. Meanwhile, Jule and Nic have spotted Alec out with a few friends. They interrogate him about Steph, but Nic has other intentions... She tells Alec that Steph is playing him and starts to flirt. "Summerboy" ensues. Alec flirts back.

Steph finds out that Alec and Nic were flirting. This, added to the fact that she could tackle her dream of stardom with Judas, causes her to leave him. Alec begs; "Judas" ensues. They break up. Steph calls Judas and they go on a date. Judas makes it big with a Topman shoot and is snapped with Steph at an open mic night in Sheffield. He takes her to London for the weekend, general romance and fluff throughout, and she meets his agent. They arrange a gig for her, singing at a posh model's do.

The Edge of Glory
Performance song at the do. Filmed and put on TV; kisses Judas at the end. Instant superstar couple. Enjoying amazing fame. Performance song melts into montage of next few months of awesomeness. News voiceover saying that Steph has been snapped with another guy - Nate, who was waiting for her after a performance. He tries to butter her up and she almost, almost falls for it, but, remebering that he never believed in her, she turns away, not before the press have caught a snap of them. It's splashed accross the papers the next day and the photographer is citied as being Tommy. Judas is furious and breaks up with her.
Steph moves in with Julian and throws herself into performing. They have a daft night in after her cover of 'Born This Way' reaches number one and have a little daft sing-song together, hairbrushes etc. Steph confesses to missing Judas badly and Jule tells her to call him.

Stage-split: Alec ringing Steph, Steph ringing Judas. Alec crying in his room. Steph sat with Julian, Tommy and Karl at Jule's parents' Judas is in a strip club (think "Bad Romance" video). Alec can't get through, Judas agrees to see Steph again. They get back together, but, Steph, under the worry that he will leave her and him being away on shoots quite a bit, as well as the stress from the paparazzi, begins to drink and parties hard. Judas takes her to a catwalk show and Steph gets drunk at the afterparty, stepping on the hem of someone's expensive, delicate dress, and tearing it. She walks out into the street; Judas chases after her and yells, but she turns away. Coincidentally, Alec it there. He takes her back to his and she calms down/sobers up a little. They talk and share a comforting embrace... Then Nic walks in. She is Alec's girlfriend and is most displeased.

Bad Romace
Judas finds out that she went back to Alec's after publicly embarrassing him. He and Steph have a massive row, which culminates in him slapping her and walking out. Steph sings, crying hard. She is fighting with herself, wanting everything with him, but knowing that it's likely to happen again. They sing as though seperated by a glass screen, moving with eachother but unable to meet. Dancers surround, trying to pull Steph away from Judas. Nic and Alec split.

Nic sings  "Speechless" to Alec when they split, but realises that he's too in love to relent. She leaves quietly. A seperate scene shows Nic and Jule walking to Nate's house. Nic tells Julian that she's sorry for the way she treated Steph. They arrive at Nate's; he lets them in and they ask him why he was at Steph's performance. He confesses to still being in love with her.

Born This Way
The next day, Stephanie must go on stage and perform. She sings a hearfelt piano ballad of "Born This Way". She dedicates her performance to her late mother before performing. She walks off stage, into the arms of Nic and Julian. Nic and Steph apologise to eachother. Nic and Julian pull Steph outside and teel her that someone is waiting... Nate is stood, roses in hand.

You and I
Nate and Steph duet "You and I" and 'walk off into the sunset'. Curtain falls.

Actors come back on stage to take their bows. Stephanie, Judas, Alec, Nate, Julian, Nicola, Carole







The End

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