The Everglowing Eyes of the Moon


Welcome to the world.

With sights to see, love to feel,

So many things to learn.

When your memories begin, you're caught deep within

Your mind starts to wander, to see what it'll find,

Looking back so fondly now, on the fantasy of simple times,

All the laughter, all the smiles, no reason in hell to ever hide,

But that all changed when you grew up without the innocence inside.

Hey there!

This is the world.

With your eyes so blue, your heart so true,

Before you crashed and burned.

When summers were long, when life was fun,

Oblivious to all the things that are forcing you to run,

It's true what they say, each and every day,

You'll miss it when it's gone, when all you are is wrong

When all you do is lie, with the future that you fry

When you don't know what to do, with the resentment of you

When the feelings grow stronger, the pain, it lasts longer

And your mood is always sombre,

When all you wanna do is hold her....

One. Last. Time.

One last time, does it have to be such a crime?

I think about you all the time,

But I know you can't even try.

I wish you wouldn't lie, I'm wasting my time,

you can't even try.

How's it going?

This is your world, now.

This is your life.

Hold it carefully, just like a knife.

It's up to you what you do,

All you have to do is choose,

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,

What seems simple now, maybe beyond you quite soon,

Just try not to lose yourself in the everglowing eyes of the moon...

The End

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