The EscapistMature

Representative of an inmates journey through prison and the freedom he or she receives after.

A turtle embedded in its shell

Surrounded by thousands of similar cases

Attempting to break the hard sphere

To roam in freedom with family


Pressure of the dunes wrapping the home

Familiar comfort? Another obstacle?

Strenuous physical activity does little

Patience rewards them all


Clambering to new heights on hot sand

Reaching the surface is rewarded

Not with what could have been

But more labor to reach a common goal


A long trek to a vast expanse

A rendezvous with possibilities

Not all of them beneficial


Traveling at a pace that all turtles do

Progress is slow and satisfaction even slower

But hope keeps them moving

Finally he reaches the water's edge

Brothers and sisters in tow

When a bird that seems larger than life

Begins to scramble and claw


He slips into the water

Watching from afar

As more than half his family is taken

He is spared


Death is a finality. 

The End

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