The End Is Nigh, Lone Writer Says Goodbye

To All The Ficleteers:

I've been a member of Ficlets for a year and a half and loved every single minute of it. Like most of us aspiring authors, I was convinced that every single word I wrote was crap. Ficlets helped convince me that only every other word I write is crap. I'm really sad that I can't log in to Ficlets today to write this, but my computer is being bad. So I guess I'll just start with everyone that's helped me along the way...

Laine P. Grey - You probably don't know this but you were the first person I ever recieved a comment from. You wrote a nice comment on my very first Ficlet within five minutes of my posting it. Thank you. :D

Band Baby - You are just so inspiring all the time. Your Ficlet started my very first series with another person! I love writing with you, and I promise that we'll finish it...eventually. You're a great friend! Now if only you and Michael would behave... XD

Fantasy - We didn't even meet on Ficlets, but I still think you're great. Our series about JB is nothing short of Epic and I love the way you write. Stay close. :D

Mistress Elsha Hawk - I like to think of you as the Ficlets mom. :D You give great advice to all us teenage Ficleteers floundering around in high school drama. Your comments are always encouraging!

G2 (La Pianista Irlandesa) - You helped me ressurect the LoA series, and it was fun! I love ya lots! And you are quite possibly one of the funniest people I've ever met. (And no I don't live with Orange. XD)

Orange Oreos - Dude... You're just so awesome! After meeting you though I can't eat oranges without automatically thinking canabalism...strangely enough I can still eat oreos. Keep on writing, cuddly Orange bear. :D XD

Bartimaeus - Anything you write, I don't care what it is, always makes me feel better after a bad day. So thanks for making my day Michael. And be nice to Billie Jean. :D

The End

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