Volume II: The Hearts of Old

Songs/Compositions from Volume II: The Hearts of Old

  • Amy Studt - She Walks Beautiful -- just a song that I think of whenever I write about Shayla.
  • Susan Enan - Don't Worry -- love song of Shayla and Kane
  • Skillet - Looking for Angels -- *Chapter XIII - In Clurichaun Tavern*
  • You Me At Six - Loverboy -- Trint Varnac's theme
  • Within Temptation - Stairway to the Skies -- an overall song for the novel.
  • Susan Boyle - Wild Horses (cover of Rolling Stones) -- another of Shayla's songs. I prefer the SB version just because it's more solemn and fits better.
  • Red - Buried Beneath -- relationship song for the whole novel (i.e Will/Shayla, Will/Sayara, Shayla/Athan etc.)
  • Evanescence - Bring Me to Life -- *Chapter XV - Wrapped in the Arms of Darkness*
  • Red - Pieces -- Will/Shayla relationship
  • Valentin Wiest - Angels Pedestal -- "Vayrin's Theme"
  • Valentin Wiest - The Oaken Palace -- *Chapter XXXIV - Heartwood Hollow*
The End

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