Volume I

This is basically a list of the songs that inspire me when writing my series. The pages are sorted by books, and the media uses my favourite song or composition of the selection. I might also give a description if the song is from a specific scene or character. Enjoy the ravings of my phantasmagorical brain :)

Songs/Compositions from Volume I: The Sanctuary of Light:

  • Celtic Woman - The Voice -- if I could imagine the music for the opening credits to be anything in *Chapter I: Prison*, it'd be this. FEATURED
  • Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home -- *Chapter XVIII: The Champion of Castia* - Tayna's struggle.
  • Enya - Memory of Trees -- general Maegard/Anamae landscape
  • Immediate Music - A Hero Among Us -- or as I like to call it, "Willow's Opening Theme."
  • Future World Music - World of Dreams -- general Maegard/Anamae landscape

TBC - iTunes sorting in progress :)

The End

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