The Element Adventures: The Last Battle of Camlann - Warrior Reckoning

It all ends at Camlann.

Torn apart by the schemes of war, Will and Sayara work amongst opposite sides of the resistance, both desperate to protect the Sanctuary as the Mastery's army approaches. The Elementals are defenceless, lost in the agony of Transition, just when they are needed the most. Whilst children prepare for battle and fight to stay united, Will remains captive, scheming the enemy's downfall from the inside. But much stands in his way, and he soon realises that the Mastery has power he never imagined.

Their fight will take them across Anamae, and call in allies from the distant past to unite and free the world from the hands of oppression. Will darkness conquer in the end? And if good does triumph, will its warriors be able to hang onto who they were before?



The End

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