The Element Adventures: The Last Battle of Camlann - Darkness Rising

Everything will change, and everyone will return.

The Elementals await Transition, their ascension as gods, and their fight for their thrones. Will and Sayara are reunited, and prepare to leave their home behind for the world of royalty. Their peace will not last. Messages and warnings have travelled of the Mastery's plots, but whilst these dark omens wait beyond, relationships are tested in the Sanctuary.

The reigning monarchs, their children and the Elemental Court work their own plots under the same roof, unanswered questions of previous years lingering like ghosts, and Willow will go to any lengths to protect the one he loves. Traitors will be revealed, love will grow in the darkest of hearts, and footsteps enclose around them for the final battle in the fields of Camlann...


The End

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