The Element Adventures: Journey to Adynatos

The impossible becomes real, and the real becomes deadly.

An impossible message in an impossible age. Only beginning to work together, the Elemental royals face their greatest challenge yet, when a envoy of the Elemental Court, usurpers of the royal throne, and oppressors of the magickal ask for peace. Distrusting and desperate, the children return to Adynatos, the legendary island of their ancestors.

But things have changed, and the island is dying. The palace walls whisper secrets of treachery and rebellion, whilst friends of the royal families hide within them. Outside, wild tribes roam the wilderness, scorned and vengeful, wielding weapons of steel and fire to take back the land once theirs.

 Adjusting to a life they left behind, the Elementals become embroiled in a fierce battle of passion and politics where nobody is safe. Is this the time of change, or just another trap?


The End

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