The Element Adventures: The Hearts of Old

"The highly, iritatingly anticipated return" - as said by "The Element Adventures" first and #1 fan.

This year, secrets kill.

Willow Avaric - heir to one of ten royal thrones in Maegard - is entering his second year at the Sanctuary, a place of hiding for the next generation of magi and mystics.

The Mastery has escaped, but they are not the threat this year.

The Forestlands are dying, and only one can save it from ruin, the beautiful, cold-hearted Lady Shayla. But somebody wants Shayla dead, and accompanied by a mysterious band of Forest Guardians, she is under the protection of the Sanctuary and all of its forces. Keeping her safe will test them all, facing new foes and awakening old ones, all whilst the new generation rises to take back their world.

To make matters worse, Willow's past returns to haunt him, full of secrets and betrayal...and Shayla appears to be the key.


The End

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