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Life without Idina was tough. I missed seeing her every day. I missed sharing in her life, and I worried that other people would take my place as her best friend.

Still, I trudged on. I called Idina often and tried my best to keep communication open. I kept tabs on her recovery and asked her about her spiritual life. Though I didn't get to see her face-to-face all that often, I did the best I could. I missed her like crazy, but she was still strong in her recovery...and I couldn't ask for much else.

Because Idina now lived farther away, people began to realize me again. I'm not saying they completely ignore Idina now, but since she's gone and there's only me left, I feel as though people care more about me than they did in the past.

Now, I'm not saying I'm glad Idina's gone. I would give anything to have her live with me again! But it is nice to have a little attention.

The End

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