Letters from GodMature

The first verse in the Bible that I opened up to was something in Proverbs. It talked about a fool not being able to get to sleep. In spite of myself, a smile graced my lips, and I whispered with a small laugh and a bit of sarcasm, "Very funny, God."

But the second thing I opened up to was...Galatians. Remember that book? I told you about it a few chapters ago. I said it'd play an important part.

Galatians, which (as I've already said) was written as counsel for a church that struggled with earning their salvation, was exactly what I needed to read. As my eyes scanned the pages, I realized that right then, Paul was not talking to the Galatians...but that God was talking to me. I could feel tears spill from my eyes as I read page after page about how one cannot earn salvation...but that God came to rescue sinners. How He bore our sins on the cross so that we wouldn't have to try to gain our own salvation.

About how we can never be perfect, so that's why Christ came to die for us.

For me.

The End

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