Emilie's NoteMature

There's a girl who I'll call Emilie. I know, I've been throwing around alot of names, but I must include something that made a huger impact on me than I can express.

I was having a horrible day at church. Not because I was at church, but because for some reason, my self-condemnation and self-deprecation were at a crazy high. 

Sitting outside church because there was no room in the sanctuary, I and some of my friends were just chillin' and listening to the sermon when I got out my journal and began to write prayers to God. I poured out my heart, how I was feeling like such a loser and how I felt like nobody really cared about me. Emilie was sitting next to me, and though I don't think she read over my shoulder (though I wouldn't have cared if she had), I think she could somehow tell that I was having a really rough time.

I got up to use the restroom, and when I came back, there was a note waiting for me. It was written on one of Emilie's Hello Kitty Kleenexes. "You are amazing, and I love you!" That's what it said. A simple note. A simple note that continues to mean the world to me.

The End

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