A Most Appropriate SegueMature

I suppose now, since I did talk about guys recently, would be a most appropriate time to segue.

About guys.

If you know me well, then you'll know that I have openly declared my hatred for men. I always mask it in a front of sarcasm or exaggeration, but the honest truth is...

Despite the fact that I'm getting this feeling that I've already said this before, I'll say it (perhaps for a second time). I can make a long list of guys I've liked that have liked Idina. And, well...when this whole anorexia thing popped up, it was like all confidence about myself was stolen. Granted, we've already covered the fact that I had barely confidence left anyways, but now I was afraid that not only my friends would like Idina more, but that guys would, too.

After all, wouldn't a guy rather go for a popular, confident, publicly-declared-to-be-INSANELY-STRONG-AND-COURAGEOUS girl instead of the overlooked little sister?

Yeah, I think so, too.

The End

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