Singing Through My TearsMature

My friend (who I'll call Melinda) found me crying and took me outside, where we sat out of everyone's view and just existed.

Eventually, a campfire was set up, and as Melinda and I sat in silence, we heard the girls begin to sing. They sang all manner of beautiful praise and worship songs, and my friend joined in, too. I started to sing, just because she was. Even though we were rather far away from the campfire, we sang because nothing seemed more appropriate. Sometimes, when your heart is breaking and you can't think of words to say, the only thing left to do is lift your hands in praise to God. 

After awhile, Melinda asked me if I wanted to go sing at the campfire. Honestly, nothing sounded worse. But I went over to sing at the campfire because I knew it was expected of me, and I considered it selfish to do anything for myself. Ever.

The End

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