Another Rant About the Blog PostMature

I feel like I should clarify myself, after that last chapter.

When I say "Isn't there something to be said for not bending my will to an addiction in the first place?" I am not at all suggesting that I am somehow stronger than Idina. I'm just saying that I don't think anyone who stands in my shoes should have their bravery shrugged aside. Let me tell you - it hurts. Badly.

When I say that the blog post irked me, I'm not saying that the entire blog is no good. I'm just saying that I found that particular statement to be offensive.

And when I say I was livid, I was absolutely, beet-red livid.

I told you guys I wouldn't hold anything back. So, there it is. You know my feelings. I'm not going to lessen their intensity, ugly as they are.

The End

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