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So, it's a pro-recovery blog - it talks about self-image, the lies that society tries to feed young girls, how beauty isn't beauty if it hurts. I read the blog often because, even though I don't struggle with an eating disorder or any type of body issue, really, it's still such wholesome stuff to read.

There is, however, a blog post that I have never quite been able to get over. One line, in particular, that states, "We [girls recovering from eating disorders] are the strongest of all."

I literally got livid when I read that post. Girls recovering from eating disorders are the strongest of all? Well, guess what! That's news to me! 

I was seriously so upset that I walked around the house in a fit of anger. The nerve! The nerve of declaring that I am somehow weaker than Idina is, just because I didn't succumb to an eating disorder! Isn't there something to be said for not bending my will to an addiction in the first place? I'm not discrediting Idina for her strength, but come on! Who supplied Idina with her strength in the first place? Do I have no part in her bravery? killed.

The End

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