And The Facebook Note's CommentsMature

Things like, "You are my hero."

"I can't imagine all you've been through."

"This is the most powerful story I've ever read."

"You are so strong and brave, Idina!"

My eyes filled with inevitable tears as I read these comments. Never once had Idina mentioned in her note what a stronghold we, her family, had been. Never once had she acknowledged the fact that without me, her recovery would have been worlds harder. What further irked me is that the people who commented on her note would only think I was selfish if I was like, "Excuse me! I'm here, too! Who worked like crazy to keep you alive? Who's the one who encouraged you every step of the way? Yes, that's me, thank-you very much!"

I couldn't say that. So I didn't. I only sat at the computer and cried. When would people ever stop worshiping my sister and realize that I was here, too?

The End

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