The Facebook NoteMature

If any of you have Facebook accounts, you know that there's a feature on Facebook that allows you write notes for the whole world to see. Well, I used to love that feature to pieces. Until it happened.

I was reading the Facebook news feed when something Idina had written caught my eye. It was something to the effect of, "The Note I Never Thought I'd Write." I clicked on it, panic rising within me. 

It was a note, talking about Idina's experiences with anorexia and self-harm. It was, by all accounts, touching. Remarkable. God-inspired. It talked in perfect honesty about all Idina had been through, and she left no detail out. Her testimony was, in fact, the most beautiful thing I'd read in quite a long time.

But the comments posted beneath the note...those were what killed me.

The End

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