I Might Sound Bitter, But...Mature

I might sound bitter, but I'm going to tell you things as they appeared to me. No apologies. Here goes...

Idina followed me inside the house, where she asked me why I was being "insensitive." I guess she realized the reason I'd marched out of the car without so much as an explanation. We were sitting on my parents' bed (I have no idea why), and I remember our exact positions and such. 

"It seems like you didn't have alot of sympathy. Why did you get mad at me?"

I explained my frustration with Idina's sulky attitude, to which Idina responded, "Some of my eating disordered friends have to go into another room just to eat dinner! I'm doing so well compared to them!"

I shook my head. "I don't care how well you're doing compared to them! You had no right to treat us like you did!"

The End

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