Coffee, Photoshoots, and Things of That NatureMature

Over the next stretch of time (again, blurry over here), Idina and I did all sorts of fun things together. Coffee shop runs, senior photoshoots, and all sorts of things of that nature...Life was as much of a dream as it could possibly be.

Of course, Idina's recovery wasn't easy. But whenever I saw her starting to stress about weight and other anorexic thoughts, I'd sit her down, blast some good music through the house, and play a card game with her. It wasn't easy, but we made it through. I learned to recognize things that triggered Idina's eating disorder and what made her happy. We became just as inseparable as we'd been before the eating disorder.

And not once had I even gotten mad in front of Idina. Not once during this entire ordeal...

The End

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