Resuming the Expected Happy MaskMature

Soon enough, I stopped crying. Once my friends left the bathroom, I went back in and dried my tears. I stayed in there until my tears were almost invisible. Then, I resumed the expected happy mask. Enough weakness. Big girls don't cry.

By that time, guests were arriving at the fundraiser. I took my place in the assembly line, filling guests' plates with beans and mashed potatoes. In order to cancel out my wrongdoings (showing my emotions and treating my friends meanly), I decided to go overboard with my good actions. I worked all night, going from one job to the next. I let all my friends take breaks, doing their work until they'd finished eating dinner. I was the busy bee, a smile and a laugh always ready when needed. I almost didn't eat dinner because I was so diligently working.

It was all a pride and self-salvation issue. I thought the only way I could make up for being so bad was to be good. 

The End

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