Crying, Crying, CryingMature

I had had enough. Slamming down the decorations I'd been arranging the tables with, I ran into the bathrooms, where I locked myself away and fell to my knees, sobbing. Seriously, you probably think I'm the world's biggest emotional wreck, don't you? But it had been ages since I'd last cried, and now, all my anger and pain and hurt and rejection and bitterness wouldn't stop flowing from my eyes.

I grabbed tissues and balled them up, then stuck them in my eyes so that my face wouldn't get all red and puffy from the tears. Too late. I already looked like a cherry, my face was so stained. 

All alone, I sagged against the wall, sobbing loudly. Nobody came in, for which I was thankful. I didn't want anybody seeing me like that. But the tears wouldn't stop coming. My mascara was running, my face was soaking wet, and my nose was dripping. I was a hot mess.

Guess who walked in the door.

The End

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