The Fundraiser. With a Period.Mature

When I really want to add emphasis to a phrase, I don't put an exclamation point. I put a period.

So when I say "The Fundraiser. With a Period.," I want to stress the importance of this event. 

Our church has an orphanage down in Mexico that our Sunday School class takes a trip to every three years. Last year, we had a fundraiser to support our mission trip down to the orphanage. The fundraiser was a silent auction with a fancy meal (which, ironically, I can't remember the menu of).

My friends - God bless them dearly, I know they didn't mean to, and I know now that they weren't showing preference toward Idina - seemed to be hanging onto Idina leeches; that's unflattering. Like glue.

It was one of those moments when your patience finally wears away.

The End

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