Church the Next DayMature

I love my church. I really do. It's family to me. 

I realize it was my own selfishness acting up, but when we went to church the next day, I started crying (again, that was an extremely abnormal occurrence at that stage in my life). I walked outside and blinked back my tears, purposely avoiding anyone who I thought would be able to see through my happy mask.

Yes, I knew people had a right to be excited over Idina. I knew I had no right to be envious of her attention. She'd just gotten back from rehab, for crying out loud (pun fully intended)! Who was I to look on with jealousy?

Two people who sort of knew what I was going through stopped me to ask if I was okay and needed to talk, but I lied and said I was totally fine, don't worry about me. 

Add lying to the list of sins I was condemning myself for.

The End

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